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Venture into those remote areas you only dreamed of before. An Artica Camper lets you be spontaneous but with all the practicality of conventional touring.


Nene Overland are UK Artica Camper agents. We will be able to send out new brochures in English soon, showing all the different models and floor plans. If you are unsure how the concept works, then you will see that the camper is designed to fit neatly on the back of your pick-up. It is secured by four turnbuckle hook clamps that are butted to the vehicle chassis.

The camper has four jack legs that are wound down to allow the vehicle to pull forwards from under the camper, optional hydraulic remote control legs can make this process very easy – allowing you to then lower your camper to ground level. The mounting/dismounting process is easily done in under 15 minutes. What drew us to the Artica is the unrivalled quality and well thought out design, giving you endless options to personalise – including a vast range of material options and upgrades for seating, curtains etc.

For those who want more versatile accommodation that can get where a caravan, car or motor home cannot, and be left on site so you can then go even further off the beaten track in your four wheel drive in all weathers, then the Artica is for you. Nene Overland currently has a 230 SE plus hydraulic legs, available for demonstration, fitted to a Nissan Navara Double Cab Pick-up, which has recently returned from an extensive trip to North Africa. We also stock the OZ Tent ground annex for those who require extra accommodation, erected in 30 seconds – check out or if you are yet to purchase your used or new double cab pick-up, then please talk to Andrew Harrison-Smith. Nene Overland have sold 1000's of pick-ups over the past 12 years, for all kinds of applications. Andrew will always advise which make and model will best suit your needs.

Nene Overland is unique, being focused on both Land Rover Defenders and most Japanese Double/King Cab Pick-ups. We can accommodate your requirements, holding 90 plus vehicles for sale – in stock, check out or or call:

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Artica car campers

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