Demountable Pop Up Campers

New for 2009 – Nene Overland have been appointed UK importers for Four Wheel Campers. A unique camper design giving fabulous versatility on a wide range of vehicles in the European market. Especially suitable for Land Rover Defender 110 and 130 hi capacity pick up and most Japanese and American single - king and double cab pick ups.


Light Weight Design

A strong lightweight aluminium frame carries the vehicle pop up upper section to make sure your camper gives you many years of trouble free service while exploring all those rough tracks up hill and down dale! Base models only weigh 300kg so your vehicle will drive almost the same as without the camper on back to give great stability on or off road!

Demountable in under 10 minutes!

You can have 4 jackable legs that are easily removable for travelling which allows the camper to be lifted to drive your pick up from under it. You can then lower the camper to approximately 500cm from the ground to live out the back. For extra stability Nene are developing some ratchet tie downs to keep your camper stable while located on the ground.

The idea of removing the camper gives you great versatility as you can use your 4 x 4 for every day family or commercial duties or take it off into the mountains without the extra weight of camper body to get maximum off road performance, returning to camp at the end of the day.

Financial Versatility

As you can demount the camper and use your vehicle for every day duties there is no need to have one vehicle parked up most of the time tying up high amounts of capital. If the day comes when you wish to update your vehicle you can trade it in for a newer model and retain the camper to go on your new vehicle giving you even better long term value out of your investment.

Shell Model for DIY fitment

We are able to offer a shell model of the pop up camper in most model variants to allow customers to fit out the interior themselves. This option is ideal when one is looking to save on cost or just wants the camper to be, just so for him or her!

Demountable Pop Up Camper with Oztent

::Click on the image to view the quick erection Oztent range of tents::


Oz Tent Rear Living Extensions

Nene have been agents of the fantastic Oz Tent RV 30 second erection ground tent-annexe. This product is ideal to use in conjunction with the four wheel camper. Various sizes are available although the RV1,2 or 3 will match up the best. Most customers will have the optional side and front panels to create a large secure stand alone tent that you can leave at the camp site if you would rather leave your camper on your vehicle. All you chairs, BBQ etc can be left in the Oz Tent while you drive off into the countryside. Just reverse up to the Oz Tent, pop the top of your camper, slide out the bed and have a great nights sleep in less than 5 minutes!

The Oz Tent really can be erected in just 30 seconds. To fit side and front panels would take approximately 5 minutes! For prices and further information follow the link, Click onto to see the full range of Oz Tents and accessories.

Models, Spec and Pricing

Due to the fluctuations in dollar-sterling exchange rates all potential camper purchases will be quoted as and when our customers require a firm quotation. Unfortunately we are having experience of freight and shipping costs varying considerably from one month to the next. If we are able to ship at least 2 campers at one time the transport costs would obviously come down. Typical lead times from order to hand over - fitting to your vehicle would be 8-10 weeks.

Nene can supply the right Vehicle for your Camper

As you can see Nene Overland have vast experience of supplying Land Rover and Japanese 4 x 4 pick ups selling approximately 400 vehicles annually. Andrew Harrison-Smith can advise on the best vehicle suited for your proposed camper that will give the right combination of vehicle and pop up camper for your needs. Whether it be a Defender, Toyota or other make of pick up we will always make sure you make the right choice for your needs and circumstances. A full expedition preparation service is a big part of Nene for those wishing to travel globally. All shipping carnets, spares packs, fitment of specialist equipment can be catered for. Talk to Kevin or Andrew for more information.

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Demountable Camper Demountable Camper Demountable Camper Demountable Camper
Demountable Camper Demountable Camper Demountable Camper Demountable Camper
Demountable Camper Demountable Camper Demountable Camper Demountable Camper


Contact Information

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Office fax number: 01733 380338

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