Extreme Soft Top 90 Defenders

Unique to Nene Overland, the Extreme Soft Top conversion to the Defender 90 has added that summer fun factor to many customers for the last few years. We can supply you the conversion in kit form for DIY fitment or we can convert your existing Defender or supply and build one unique to you. Generally the latter is the more popular option. Due to Nene carrying a vast stock of quality 90 Defenders, the customer can find the right base vehicle – click on to our defender 90 stock. Occasionally we will source a vehicle to suit. We have converted many TDi and TD5 models, including a number of brand new ones.

We have converted 90 Tomb Raider and V8 4.0 Automatic 50th Anniversary models to Extreme Soft Top, incorporating the original factory roll cages on both. If you want an automatic Defender, we regularly fit auto box conversions on the TD5 models. For us this part of the business is just fun. Fun all the way – as the customer's main aim is out to end up with a unique looking Defender that will stand out and offer that great sun on the back, wind through the hair feeling.

You can retain the push button, wind up window doors or we can fit the lightweight military spec. doors with removable door tops/sliding windows.

If you are after a unique colour our body shop will turn out a stunning look for you, we have finished vehicles in Jaguar F1 racing green metallic and Vesuvius orange metallic, with a number of yellows, blacks, silvers and metallic blues. We can also colour match the Speedliner waterproof non slip interior finish on the floors – front and rear, to finish the whole project off.

There are two different seat belt carrier roll hoop options, one just bolts onto the top of the existing rear bulkhead retaining bar, the other requires removal of the rear bulkhead and also acts as the rear bulkhead retaining bar – similar to the '02 model 90 County Station Wagon. At extra cost it is also possible to modify the windscreen frame to allow it to fold forwards. We are also the East Midlands/Anglia main stockists and stop for Exmoor Trim seat and interior upgrades, which would often be incorporated in the vehicle upgrade.

The Extreme Soft Top works very well in extreme off road winch challenge situations – see our own vehicles with its full internal roll cage. A light Defender will always have an advantage, giving far greater stability on side slopes and greater steep hill climbing!

View our step by step guide to dropping this unique canopy in less than 5 minutes, some will just roll up the back and remove the sides in changeable weather conditions.

View our gallery of some fantastic looking Defender 90 Extreme Soft Tops built by Nene Overland. Call or email our Sales team on 01733 380687 or email for further help and advice. Find a pricing menu below for all parts required for DIY fitment.

SVX and bespoke Nene Defenders SVX bespoke Nene Defenders SVX bespoke Nene Defenders SVX bespoke Nene Defenders
SVX soft top SVX SVX bespoke Nene Defenders SVX
Roll cage Roll cage Roll cage Roll cage
Roll cage Roll cage Roll cage Roll cage
Soft Top Soft Top Soft Top Soft Top
SVX bespoke Nene Defenders

Price List and Options

Mohair Drop Top, colours: Red, Blue, Green, Black & Beige £1,599.00 + VAT
Windscreen Fixing Clip
£149.00 + VAT
Centre Double Roll Bar – seat belt carrier £425.00 + VAT
Bolt on Double Roll Bar – seat belt carrier £325.00 + VAT
Both above are designed to carry seat belts and add sporty look
to the vehicle but are not for roll over protection. If you want full
roll over protection, we can quote for installing a proper roll cage.
Spare Wheel Carrier with modified swinging tailgate, supplied, fitted and
repainted tailgate and hinges to match
£450.00 + VAT
Speedliner Colour matched waterproof coating inside rear back body
Including inside rear door
£400.00 + VAT
Inside of lightweight doors £150.00 + VAT
Front floor and seatbox £250.00 + VAT
Fitting Costs: Removal of bodywork roof sides etc., fitting of new
Extreme Soft Top - 10 to 12 hours labour guide
£500.00 + VAT
Please note all prices for conversions carried out by Nene Overland take into account that any removed body work would be retained by Nene Overland unless an alternative agreement with the purchaser is made at point of sale.


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