Land Rover and Jeep Commercial Vehicles

Land Rover and Jeep Commercial Vehicles, more comfortable towing and VAT efficient

Nene Overland can supply the new NENE UT90 (based on the Volvo XC90), Land Rover Discovery, Discovery Sport, Range Rover Evoque, Range Rover Sport, Jeep Grand Cherokee or Jeep Cherokee as commercial or utility variants.

Nene Overland have been supplying the Land Rover Discovery as a Commercial vehicle for over 16 years with great success. The driving experience gives you Range Rover levels of comfort but with greater load lugging performance and stability and at a cost that the business user can easily justify. We have now introduced the NENE UT90, a commercial vehicle based on the Volvo XC90 that is exclusively available from us.

Our commercial conversions give you the opportunity to enjoy very high-spec models. We regularly convert Range Rover Sports, Evoques and Discovery Sports for our clients and have recently added the NENE UT90, Jeep Cherokee and Grand Cherokee to our portfolio. All of which are VAT qualifying.

NENE UT90 (based on the Volvo XC90)

VOLVO XC90 Commercial NENE UT90 Utility


The Land Rover Discovery 4 was our most popular commercial variant with its 3.5 ton towing ability, but these are, sadly, only now available as used vehicles. There are various types of conversion for the Discovery based on your exact requirements, intended usage and VAT status and we usually have a good supply of pre-owned examples or can source them for you. Please contact us for further information


If you want something with more on-road performance and handling abilities than the Land Rover Discovery then the Range Rover Sport could be the one for you. Please contact us for further information


Land Rover’s latest model replaces the Freelander 2 (which we still supply and can retro-convert to commercial use) but offers more road-going comfort and is slightly less utilitarian than the Freelander. In HSE guise with the panoramic roof (pictured) it really is a superb vehicle. Please contact us for further information


The Baby Range Rover has been a massive success for Land Rover and it is also very popular for commercial users. The three-door variant once converted to a commercial looks indistinguishable to a car from the outside. You get all the benefits of the Evoque but with VAT qualifying status. Please contact us for further information


The Jeep Grand Cherokee is preferred by many wanting a real alternative to the Land Rover Discovery or Range Rover Sport. It offers 3.5ton towing ability with a fantastic range of trim variations and engine/gearbox combinations. Coupled with our own SRT and DRT programmes you can have a very, very capable on road performer with VAT qualifying status that is nothing like you’d think a commercial vehicle might be. Please contact us for further information


If you don’t plan on towing 3.5 tons but still want a decent load lugger with off-road capability then the Jeep Cherokee offers a great alternative to the Land Rover Discovery Sport. It is also available in 2-wheel-drive form and 2.0litre multijet engine for super-frugal fuel efficiency. Please contact us for further information

VOLVO XC90 Commercial NENE UT90 Utility

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