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TWO 4 ONE Servicing and Waxoyl Rustproofing service

We can help you SAVE TIME & MONEY!

Waxoyl-2Book your Land Rover in with us for its next Service, MOT, Repairs or Upgrades and have get it professionally rustproofed at the same time with our TWO 4 ONE service!

TWO LOCATIONS: Peterborough & Maidenhead

TWO SERVICES: Servicing and Waxoyl Rustproofing

Since 1988 Nene Overland has been cleaning, refurbishing and protecting the underside of vehicles which are vulnerable to corrosion: Land Rovers, 4X4s, pick-ups and classic cars can all be treated, although we are happy to clean, treat and apply Finnegans Waxoyl to any vehicle that might be susceptible to corrosion.

Our Waxoyl rust-prevention programme became so popular over the years that we had to build a dedicated state-of-the-art facility to carry out inspections and treatments at our Peterborough HQ and now the same facilities have been added to our Maidenhead branch too!

Maidenhead is just 20 minutes from London, just of the M4 motorway. You can even drop your vehicle off before getting the train into London, we are only 5 minutes walk from the station.

When you’re considering getting your vehicle rustproofed by us why not get it serviced at the same time? We always carry out a thorough pre-treatment inspection so it makes sense to let us service your car too while we’re taking care of it. Or even get an MOT or carry out any other modifications or upgrades. We have full workshop facilities at both Peterborough and Maidenhead and state of the art bodyshop and paint spraying facilities at Peterborough too.

Waxoyl is recognised everywhere as the leading rustproofing treatment and is asked for by name more than any alternative rustproof treatment.



Generally we would encourage leaving your vehicle with us for around 36 hours although if outside temperatures are high then it is more likely that we can turn the treatment round in the same day as long as you drop your vehicle first thing and are happy to collect last thing. We can provide loan cars by prior arrangement with plenty of local attractions and hospitality nearby in Peterborough or Maidenhead.

Pre-Waxoyl Inspection

Prior to spending time on your vehicle, the first thing is to assess that all is well underneath. We will lift up the vehicle on an inspection ramp and if required show our clients any issues or concerns that may need addressing. We can email images of the customer’s vehicle to allow clients to decide on the best course of action, no matter how minor. It is always good to know that our team will keep you informed of the cleaning and waxoyling process and when it is complete.

Underbody hotwash

Once all is well we will thoroughly steam clean all areas of the underside of your vehicle taking great care to get into all the difficult inaccessible areas . This process may take up to two hours . We generally remove the wheels to allow easier access to all areas behind inner wings, wheel arches etc. We will thoroughly clean around brake callipers and wheel hubs to make sure all areas are clean and focus our team on detailed inspection of potential corrosion as well as condition of exhaust, axles, suspension and brakes. The extra effort required to remove wheels to aid better cleaning gives our team great opportunity to inspect the condition of wheels, tyres, brakes, wheel bearings and hub assemblies while your vehicle is in for waxoyl treatment to add a further line of defence in keeping your vehicle in tip top safe order .

Hot air drying

Once thoroughly clean we will blast hot air to assist drying prior to waxoyl treatment. This is very important because if the surface is still wet Waxoyl will not bond properly. During summer months drying may be possible without hot air assistance but through inclement cool winter months our team will use blown heated air to make sure that all areas to be treated are dry. This is why we have invested in a state of the art waxoyl bays so we can thoroughly clean, dry and apply the right waxoyl treatment to your vehicle in a well lit work area that we are proud to invite our clients in to inspect their vehicles if required.

Waxoyl Application

Now the underside is free of oil, dirt and any other nasties and totally dry we will apply a constant pressure of preheated Waxoyl spray. This will give an even coverage over all areas to be treated. Waxoyl is drawn from a 205 litre purpose made storage tank that is heated 24/7 so it is always at the optimum temperature for application.

Our team are able to mist-spray the preheated waxoyl into all cavities such as inner chassis members, bulkhead and inner door frames. Inner wings and sills to make sure that all areas get the right coverage of black or clear waxoyl.
Final clean and attention to detail

Once completed our team will make sure your vehicle is clean and free of any waxoyl apart from where it should be. As we have a dedicated valeting team professionally cleaning vehicles every day we are well placed to make sure your vehicle is well presented upon collection. If required we are able to repaint wheel hubs, rear cross members, fit new number plates, exhausts, tyres etc. If you require a full detailed valet please enquire with service and waxoyl reception. Our goal is to give you the right solution and know that your vehicle is in caring hands from start to finish no matter how large or small the job.

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