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In conjunction with Yorkshire 4×4 Treks we are offering a trip to Morocco that gives you the best of both worlds: Drive through this amazing country and enjoy it in all its glory but stay in hotels at night so no need to slum it in a roof tent.

See the complete details here and contact us for more information


The Nene Overland Expedition Team are very excited to announce that we are now building CHASER Travel Trailers.

Nene has always offered a range of Travel Trailers to their clients for Expeditions and Overland Trips but the new CHASER range offers a very flexible platform that can be fully customised to a customer’s requirements. From a bare chassis (EU road legal) to a fully kitted Expedition trailer with roof tent, water tanks, solar panels, full kitchen and fridge and everything you could poss [...]

VB Air Suspension

Nene Overland is delighted to announce that we can now offer the full range of VB Air Suspension Systems for the Land Rover Defender 90, 110 and 130.

VB Air Suspension offers increased comfort, better driveability and enhanced safety. On and Off-Road. The Defender package adds full air suspension to each corner (both front and rear axles) or just to the rear axle and can be fitted to new, nearly new and all used Defenders. It is fully adjustable from the cab to provide the optimal ride height from +55mm to -110mm and also aid [...]

Jeep-Grand-Cherokee-HellcatJeep CEO Mike Manley confirmed to writer/driver Brian Makse at the Detroit auto show this week that the Jeep Grand Cherokee Hellcat would be available before the end of 2017. Make then broadcast the news through his YouTube channel (see below).

The Hellcat will feature the 700bhp version of Chrysler’s 6.2 litre Supercharged V8, the same lump that propels the Charger and Challenger. Some reports last year suggested that the All-Wheel-Drive platform [...]

zero-percent-loanWe are very excited to announce that Nene Overland can now offer 0% Finance Deals on selected vehicles.

We were already offering a range of very competitive finance options from a range of specialist providers that could be tailored to our clients’ requirements when buying a vehicle from us but now that we’ve added the 0% deal we think we’ll be able to get more people into their dream vehicle. We provide a finance calculator on every Vehicle For Sale listing to give you a rough idea of what the costs will be. You can input your own figures to vary the loan term and amount of depo [...]

The 2millionth Land Rover Defender sells for £400,000

Watch the entire sale in our video

Last night I had a dream except it wasn’t a dream, this really was a Land Rover Defender selling for £400,000!

Upon arriving at Bonhams Auction house in New Bond street London, I was greeted by a champagne reception and what can only be described as the cognoscenti of the Land Rover World. HUE166 was there in all of his green glory surrounded by the people you only normally see in magazines and press releases including Roger Crathorne, Stephen and Nick Wilkes to name but a few. However I digress, the star of the show was none other than the 2 millionth Defender to roll off the production line of the hallowed halls at Lode Lane.

The aura surrounding the venerable little 90 was amazing with celebrity build crew, one off parts and a couple of rather natty plates detailing the build number and all those who had a hand in putting it together. Eventually

It’s a Defender 130 like no other

Red Bull build a unique promo vehicle from a Defender 130

red-bull-reveals-armored-event-vehicle-with-stealthy-look-land-rover-defender-chassis-102244_1Red Bull are one of the world’s most active brands and are involved in all manner of sports, events and activities around the globe. To accompany them on their [...]

New Defender not expected until 2019!

New model to be offered in five body styles

New Defender

New Defender: It should come as no surprise to anyone that the current Land Rover Defender will soon cease production and if you haven’t already placed an order for one of the last ones you are definitely too late. The prospect of enduring two fallow years being Defender-less was a bad enough prospect for some as it was but it looks like we could actually have to wait until 2019 to get behind the wheel of whatever Solihull HQ roll out as the Defender replacement.

Rumour, counter-rumour and massive speculation will certainly keep the Defender [...]

ICON-SVX-V8-SOFT-TOP---33 Our mission continues to be to work with our clients to supply and build truly the most unique Defenders out there. Our journey since 1988, has given us the opportunity to take the initiative to build lots of one-off, Iconic Defenders often high-performance examples to a level far beyond anything else you’ll find.

These vehicles have often been inspiration to customers all over the world to commission our team to work with them and deliver that one-off Defender that exactly fits their lifestyle and gives them the vehicle they always dreamed of. And we can do the same for you!

gardent-tipi---7Nene Overland has been a fan of the TENTIPI range of tents and other accessories for many years. The benefits they offer those on overland travels or the adventurous outdoor types are huge. A Tipi gives you a great living and sleeping space for up to 15 people all surrounding the awesome Eldfell stove which provides safe heating and cooking facilities.

Anyone who has spent any time in a Tentipi will tell you that even in the middle of a Scandinavian winter, camping on the snow you’ll be toasty warm inside your tipi. And it all packs away into the boot of your car or back of your overland truck.

Now, for the first time, Nene Overland have adapted the Tipi philosophy by adding a solid decking base and optional dwarf walls to massively [...]

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