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Nene Overland Specialist Vehicle Preparation

Long before Nene Overland was created, global travel had been on Andrew’s agenda. Two years roughing it in all corners of the globe just helped cement the idea of leaving the well-used rucksack behind and getting out there in a Land Rover.

Ever since then Nene Overland prepared Defenders and Land Cruisers have coursed rivers, driven up mountains and across deserts just about everywhere one can imagine.


Nene Overland can guide and advise clients for the best combination of vehicle and equipment to go exploring the world.

The very versatile Defender 110 station wagon and hard top tend to be the best-suited, although the longer 130 wheel base works well when looking for more load and accommodation requirements.

Nene continue to build specialist Defender 110, 130 and Landcruiser campers.

Our guarantee is to listen, buy into your dream and give you the best advice to get you out there. It does not always have to be expensive and complicated. One can go travelling with minimalist philosophy or make your overlander as comfortable and convenient as you like.

The most important message is concentrate on acquiring the best quality vehicle with the right spec. to suit your needs and travel destinations. The best truck must come first. Make do with a little less kit and equipment in the first instance to enable the purchase of a better quality base vehicle as this will be looking after you for a long time.

We will always advocate keeping things as simple as possible to aid reliability. Often it is our clients that will take the lead to make the build more complicated. Our advice is try to find the right compromise between too much complicated kit and specification and what you do really need to survive out there.

We will always be on hand at the end of the phone or email to help and advise wherever you are. Our commitment and passion for 4×4 travel and overland experience connects you with a company that really has done it. Has a great take on the right kit, the right advice and the right vehicle

We always stock a large number of expedition vehicles or new and used base vehicles that are perfect for conversion.

We know that not everyone will feel that the Iconic Defender is right for them and over the years have built many overland trucks based on the Toyota Land Cruiser and Hilux pickups.

To take your escape plan to the next level feel free to contact us for straight forward advice and commitment to deliver the right travel truck solution.

We wish you all well finding your next adventure. Check out our expedition vehicles stock and preparation pages on this website. We are main stockists for Hannibal Roof Tents and Roof Racks, Safety Devices roll over protection systems, ARB and Old Man Emu and Warn recovery winches.

Whichever road you wish to take, we have it covered.

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