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AEV Hi-Lift  Jack Base -20%

AEV Hi-Lift Jack Base

AEV's Jack Base provides 3-1/2 inches of additional lift height to the stock Wrangler's &quo..

£66.86 £53.49 Ex Tax: £44.58

AEV Hi-Lift & Pull-Pal Mount -20%

AEV Hi-Lift & Pull-Pal Mount

This rugged bolt-on mount is engineered to install quickly, fit snugly, and provide a solid, vibrati..

£263.58 £210.86 Ex Tax: £175.72

Hi-Lift All Cast Jack 48"

Hi-Lift Jacks Don't Settle for an Imitation — The Difference is Quality Watch a video ..

£94.80 Ex Tax: £79.00

Hi-Lift Jack Fixing Kit

Keep your Hi-Lift Jack operating trouble-free. The Fix-It-Kit has the principle parts for servi..

£17.00 Ex Tax: £14.17

Hi-Lift Off Road Jack Base

Hi-Lift Off-Road Base (ORB) Alleviate Jack Sinkage on Soft Ground   Increase your support su..

£49.00 Ex Tax: £40.83

Hi-Lift X-TREME Jack 48"

Hi-Lift X-TREME Jack The Hi-Lift® X-TREME is for the serious Hi-Lift® user, offering the &q..

£146.10 Ex Tax: £121.75