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Nene Overland celebrates its lifelong passion for all things Land Rover Defender with two wonderful final editions. Encompassing 67 years of Land Rover production, the Defender Icon classic 48 Heritage edition and 67 Sport Wagons are available as either 90 and 110 station wagon variants.

Built to last

With 27 years experience of building, modifying and restoring these wonderful vehicles for our clients worldwide we have carefully put together a number of enhancements to help preserve your new Icon edition for many years to come. We include our Waxoyl rust-proofing program to protect chassis and door frames, fit stainless bolts to door hinges and rear cross-member and include alloy sill protectors and our rear cross-member cover plate. A final touch has been to add Africa's finest and the original Melvill and Moon sand canvas seat covers to the 48 Heritage editions, optional for the 67 sport editions.  


Icon 67 Sport

• 2.2 TDCi 122 PS in Santorini black or Corris grey with contrasting roof and detailing.
• Four or seven seat XS county station wagon
• Remote locking and electric front windows
• Air-con. Black or grey sawtooth alloys and cross contact tyres
• Black carpet throughout (lamb’s wool optional)
• XS half leather heated seats
• Heated windscreen
• ABS and traction control
• CD radio and iPod Dock
• Satin black alloy side runners
• Sill protectors
• Rear cross member cover plate
• NAS rear step
• Satin black Icon classic bumper with daytime running lights
• Body colour alloy steering guard
• Graduated privacy glass (clear glass option)
• Icon air-con cowl and sports grille with satin black Rhodium camel
• Contrasting anthracite dash assembly clock faces and centre panel
• Satin black leather with grey stitching on the dash pods, grab handle and centre cubby box with a deep cushion arm rest
• Icon Trek sports steering wheel Icon
• 67 Sport edition exterior decals 7 seat 110 67 Sport Edition- £43,995 4 seat 90 67 Sport Edition- £39,995
Icon 48 Heritage

2.2 TDCi 122 PS in Keswick green with Alpine white roof
• Four or seven seat county station wagon
• Remote locking and electric front windows
• Air-con
• Land Rover boost alloys refinished in Keswick green and alloy outer rim shod with Continental cross contact tyres
• Black carpet throughout (Lincoln green carpet optional)
• Black mondas seats
• ABS and traction control
• Underside protection bar
• CD radio with iPod Dock
• White alloy side runners
• Sill protectors
• Rear cross member cover plate
• NAS rear step Satin silver windscreen brackets and door hinges with stainless steel bolts
• Body colour side and top wing vents
• Body colour front light surrounds
• Limited Edition 1948 Series I Icon lattice mesh grille with classic driving lights
• Icon air-con cowl and surround in Keswick Green
• Classic Land Rover alloy grille plaque and numbered edition interior plaque
• 48 Heritage exterior decal set
• Melville and Moon Sand Canvas seat covers, dash pods, grab handle and centre cubby box with deep cushion arm rest • Body colour dash assembly
• Contrast alpine white clock face and centre panel.
• Icon classic steering wheel 110 7 Seater 48 Heritage Edition £39,995 90 4 Seater 48 Heritage Edition £35,995

ENHANCEMENT PACKS The Appearance pack (£3,995+vat) is aimed at the 67 Sport edition and includes panoramic glass, 20" black or anthracite alloys with Cooper LTZ tyres, upgraded side light, indicators and headlights. The Quest pack (£3,995+vat) adds a full length Hannibal expedition roof rack, winch, winch bumper, chequerplate wing tops, snorkel and dual battery split charger system. Call 01733 380687 or email

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