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The Sami are the only indigenous people in Europe. They used to live as nomadic trackers, hunters and reindeer keepers. Their country Sápmi extends over northern Scandinavia and parts of Russia. The tough climate, the long winter and nature’s tribulations were part of these people’s everyday life. The lifecycle of the reindeer was also their lifecycle and they accompanied their animals to their summer and winter grazing grounds. That was why their homes were easy to move. Traditionally, the Sami lived in a “kata” in the winter. The focal point of the tent was of course the fire which gave them heat and light and a feel of homeliness. Similar types of homes can be found among many indigenous peoples all over the world 83 . Our company was started in Moskosel, a little village in Swedish Lapland, where the Sami heritage is ever present.

Our hope is that, when you choose a Tentipi Nordic tipi, you will feel the same closeness to the elements as the indigenous people do.




The idea came to me when I was sitting by a stream, far out in the wilds of Lapland. Tired and sweaty after a long day of exciting canoeing, what I really wanted to do was socialise with my friends while eating dinner and chatting around a fire. But there were six of us and we had two tunnel tents. A camping stove and an invasion of mosquitos. There wasn’t much cosiness nor relaxed togetherness on that occasion. For a long time afterwards, I pondered over whether there couldn’t be a different way of living in nature. What happened next is now 25 years of history. Inspired by the ancient knowledge of indigenous people like the Sami and the Indians, the journey towards a modern way of camping began. With a fire as its central ingredient, Moskoselkåtan was created and in 2005, the name was changed to Tentipi.

As already mentioned, Nordic tipis are no new phenomenon. For thousands of years, indigenous peoples all over the world have used the method of stretching animal hides over wooden poles with a warming fire in the middle. What makes us proud is that we have managed to develop this type of accommodation into a reliable, modern and smart way of camping and it is continually being developed even more. A Tentipi Nordic tipi is so much more than just a tent. It’s a wilderness home.

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