Land Rover Defender



Continue to celebrate Land Rover’s tradition with our Heritage LE 110 and 90 models. You can choose to start with either a new or preloved Station Wagon or Utility model supplied from our stable and then let us enhance it.



We have worked with our clients for over two generations to create soft-top Defenders that continue to live around the globe. Live the joy of sun on your back, wind in the hair in one of our Falcon Soft Back 90 or 110 Defenders.



Surprise onlookers and those up for the ride in a Sport Wagon. Years of tuning and enhancing the performance of Defenders has given us the chance to give you the edge!



Born out of that art deco age of retro design the iconic Land Rover has stood the test of time so begs to be mixed up to give a modern level of comfort and design while carrying that retro look and feel for those who love a life of creativity and flamboyance.



The white out effect! Any colour you like as long as it is white! Our Snow Limited Editions have to be the most striking Land Rover Station Wagons out there. The subtle blend of black satin flourishes adds contrast that jighlights the White exterior.

Engineering & Performance

Our depth of engineering ability gives confidence that the right call will be made on the back of 28 years of experience re-engineering all kinds of applications to make your Defender, Jeep or other vehicle perform at its best.

Cabin Comfort

Just because you like your vehicles looking purposeful and spirited doesn’t mean you have to endure the harshness they often come with. You CAN have an off road truck that is also comfortable for long journeys and quiet enough to have a conversation with your passengers without shouting.

Bodywork & Detailing

Right from the start we included body repair and modification to our business repertoire. Because Land Rover Defenders and jeep Wranglers are so versatile it encouraged all manner of body, chassis and mechanical upgrades and modifications.

Icon Parts & Accessories

We stock a wide range of Icon performance parts in our online shop. If you need advice on fitting or suitability for your vehicle please feel free to contact us.

Icon Export

Nene Overland offers storage, shipping and export of almost every vehicle we stock, assuming that your country’s import rules, duties and taxes will allow it. If you have any doubts or just need some advice please contact us.

Icon Hospitality

We want your visit to Nene Overland to be as enjoyable as possible so we’ve put together a list of things to do, places to stay and some of the finest eateries in the area. If you require our assistance with a booking or just want more information on visiting either Cambridgeshire or Berkshire please feel free to contact one of our friendly staff members who will do their very best to ensure you have a pleasurable experience.

Defender Icons

These are some of the Defender Icons that we currently have in stock or being built.

Land Rover Defender Icon Falcon 110 TDci XS Soft Top
Land Rover RS 50 5.0 V8 Falcon Open Top
Land Rover Defender 130 TDI Double Cab Pick Up
Land Rover Defender 110 TDCi Icon XS dual cab Automatic
Land Rover Defender Icon RS Edition Sport Wagon
Land Rover Defender 110 RETRO Icon
Land Rover Defender Icon Soft Top Sport Wagon
Land Rover Defender 5.0 V8 Icon
Land Rover Defender ICON 2.4 TDCi Soft Top
Land Rover Defender Icon Heritage Falcon Soft Top
Land Rover Defender Icon 6.4 V8 RS HEMI Dual Cab
Land Rover Defender Icon 130 Falcon Soft Top

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