Defender Soft Tops

The Falcon Soft Top 90 or 110 Defender refined over two generations.

Defender FALCON

Defender 90 Falcon softback

Defender 110 Falcon Station Wagon Full Soft Top

Defender 110 Falcon Soft Top

We have worked with our clients for over two generations to create soft-top Defenders that continue to live around the globe, from the Bahamas, Middle East, South of France or the back country Shires of Old England. Live the joy of sun on your back, wind in the hair in one of our Falcon Soft Back 90 or 110 Defenders.

The fun is in the making! Work with our team to deliver a Defender soft top with class leading looks to suit all beach goers, mountain explorers, riviera cruisers or countryside revellers. We have a wide range of soft-top covers and designs with optional roll over protection, just in case!

Further enhancements with emphasis for on or off-road performance and handling can be discussed with our team and they can advise on uplifts in power, torque and economy, lifts in ground-clearance, heavy duty suspension options and underbody shielding for protection while in the countryside . There are also automatic gearbox and various high power diesel and petrol V8 upgrades.

Please enquire as our many years providing good service and advice in anything Land Rover will always be the best by far.

New, pre-owned, left or right hand drive variants available from stock or to order

Defender 90 Falcon

  • Basic canvas hood and galvanised frame system
  • Mohair hood with zip-up side and rear panels with galvanised frame system
  • Optional side windows
  • Black powder-coated tubular frame system
  • Optional colour coding
  • Internal/external roll-over soft-top frame system available in silver or satin black powder-coating.
  • Extreme rear quick-fold hood and frame set

Defender 110 Falcon

  • 3 door basic canvas hood and frame system
  • 3 door Mohair hood with zip-up side and rear panels with galvanised frame system
  • Otional side windows
  • 5 door Station Wagon basic canvas hood and frame system
  • Optional Mohair upgrade with side windows
  • 5 door internal/external roll-over soft-top frame system available in silver or black powder coating
  • Mohair or canvas available in wide choice of colours to compliment base Defender colour

Defender 130 Falcon

  • Extra long wheelbase Falcon soft backs with various seating configurations

Performance Pack


  • 2.2litre and 2.4litre TDci 4 cyl 120bhp (up to 160bhp with ECU remap and other performance tuning enhancements)
  • 3.2litre TDci 5 cyl 280bhp
  • 2.5litre TD5 5cyl 120bhp  (up to 160bhp with ECU remap and other performance tuning enhancements)
  • 2.5litre 300TDi 4cyl 111bhp (up to 140bhp with performance tuning enhancements)


  • 4.0litre Land Rover V8 180bhp (up to 250bhp with ECU remap and other performance tuning enhancements)
  • 5.0litre Ford Racing V8 470bhp (up to 600bhp with supercharger)
  • 6.2litre LS V8
  • 6.4litre HEMI 470bhp


  • 4 or 5 speed automatic transmission
  • 6 speed manual transmission
  • Paddle Shift


  • Bespoke variable vane high performance Owen Turbo options
  • Stainless sports exhaust system
  • High flow intercooler and silicon hose kit
  • High flow performance air cleaner
  • Variable performance ECU remap

Handling Pack

  • Fox V2 adjustable gas shock absorbers
  • Heavy duty rear anti-roll bar system
  • Lowered progressive road springs
  • Fast centre-return steering damper
  • Stiffened polyurethane suspension bush kit
  • Alcon 6-pot front brake callipers with 380mm vented brake rotors
  • EBC rear performance brake discs and callipers all driven by dot 5.1 brake fluid fitted with green stuff pads

Other Options

  • Headlight upgrades for style and better lighting functions
  • Crystal white marker and indicator light options, rear light upgrade options
  • Rear heavy duty external wheel carriers and swinging tail gate upgrades
  • Full length or cab only Hannibal alloy expedition roof rack systems
  • Vast range of roof tents and associated equipment for above
  • Privacy glass options, various grades of tint available
  • Range of Recaro and Exmoor sports, comfort seating,cloth and leather
  • Cabin sound deadening systems to aid a quieter driving experience
  • Vast range of entertainment and communication systems
  • Momo steering wheel options, colour coding options
  • Sat Nav double din head unit with bespoke centre dash panels or dash top mounted Sat Nav systems
  • Range of 18 to 20″ alloy wheel/tyre combinations. BFG or Cooper
  • Range of soft back convertible options, cab only or full body
  • Two tone mohair roof and back panel styling options
  • Panoramic roof glass, sun roof options
  • All of our Defender bespoke editions can be crafted from pre-owned or new Defender 90, 110 or 130 double cab and either left or right hand drive

Full soft-top Defender 110 Falcon with 7-seat arrangement

Rear tonneau cover can still be used with rear seats folded down

Defender 110 Falcon with full soft-top and roll cage – available in matching or contrasting colours

Defender Falcon 110 with rear soft top in place. Sides can be rolled up leaving just the roof section for shade

We always fit a full roll-cage when building a Falcon soft-top

Rear fold-up Defender seats are just as comfortable as those in the front

A slight twist on the classic Falcon look: The surfchaser is very popular with those needing a roof rack and rear tub for equipment but still want the roof down

For real wind-in-your-hair driving the RS can also come in Falcon guise

When the clouds appear it is very simple to fit the tonneau cover to give you hard-top levels of protection from the elements

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