Defender Heritage LE

The Heritage LE 110 and 90 Defender, a Heritage look with modern refinements.


Defender 90 Heritage LE Station Wagon

Defender 110 Heritage LE Station Wagon Full Soft Top

Defender 90 Heritage LE Soft Top

Continue to celebrate Land Rover’s tradition with our Heritage LE 110 and 90 models. You can choose to start with either a new or preloved Station Wagon or Utility model supplied from our stable and then let us enhance it. We will spend the time to find out exactly what your requirements are then configure a Defender to suit your taste and needs for every day life whether it is purely for sporting country pursuits or everyday city driving. Our blend of old and new works perfectly for those looking for the traditional, classic and understated Land Rover’look while enjoying the latest comfort and technology of the modern TDci Defenders.

Further enhancements with emphasis for on or off-road performance and handling can be discussed with our team and they can advise on uplifts in power, torque and economy, lifts in ground-clearance, heavy duty suspension options and underbody shielding for protection while in the countryside . There are also automatic gearbox and various high power diesel and petrol V8 upgrades.

Please enquire as our many years providing good service and advice in anything Land Rover will always be the best by far.

Exterior Pack

  • Keswick green body colour
  • Classic grey detailing pack Including bumper, door hinges,windscreen brackets, and rear crossmember cover plate
  • Classic grey Heritage grille
  • Dual tone Keswick green and silver freestyle alloy wheels
  • Heavy duty steel wheel rims finished in classic grey
  • Classic grey side runner steps
  • Classic grey rear protection tow bar and step system
  • Heritage old white roof panel

Interior Pack

  • Heritage Lincoln green leather seating, optional white piping.
  • Standard Defender, high-back modular or Recarro seat options
  • Heritage Lincoln green leather dash covers and grab handle
  • Heritage Lincoln green leather door trim panels
  • Heritage Lincoln green leather cubby box with deep cushion arm rest
  • Heritage Lincoln green classic steering wheel
  • Momo old white coloured spoke steering wheel
  • Heritage old white coloured centre dash panel
  • Heritage Lincoln green floor and seat box carpeting throughout
  • Cabin sound isolation system
  • Polished alloy grab handles, door opener surround trims, vent surrounds and light switch cover kit
  • Polished alloy gear lever set

Performance Pack


  • 2.2litre and 2.4litre TDci 4 cyl 120bhp (up to 160bhp with ECU remap and other performance tuning enhancements)
  • 3.2litre TDci 5 cyl 280bhp
  • 2.5litre TD5 5cyl 120bhp  (up to 160bhp with ECU remap and other performance tuning enhancements)
  • 2.5litre 300TDi 4cyl 111bhp (up to 140bhp with performance tuning enhancements)


  • 4.0litre Land Rover V8 180bhp (up to 250bhp with ECU remap and other performance tuning enhancements)
  • 5.0litre Ford Racing V8 470bhp (up to 600bhp with supercharger)
  • 6.2litre LS V8
  • 6.4litre HEMI 470bhp


  • 4 or 5 speed automatic transmission
  • 6 speed manual transmission
  • Paddle Shift


  • Bespoke variable vane high performance Owen Turbo options
  • Stainless sports exhaust system
  • High flow intercooler and silicon hose kit
  • High flow performance air cleaner
  • Variable performance ECU remap

Handling Pack

  • Fox V2 adjustable gas shock absorbers
  • Heavy duty rear anti-roll bar system
  • Lowered progressive road springs
  • Fast centre-return steering damper
  • Stiffened polyurethane suspension bush kit
  • Alcon 6-pot front brake callipers with 380mm vented brake rotors
  • EBC rear performance brake discs and callipers all driven by dot 5.1 brake fluid fitted with green stuff pads

Other Options

  • Headlight upgrades for style and better lighting functions
  • Crystal white marker and indicator light options, rear light upgrade options
  • Rear heavy duty external wheel carriers and swinging tail gate upgrades
  • Full length or cab only Hannibal alloy expedition roof rack systems
  • Vast range of roof tents and associated equipment for above
  • Privacy glass options, various grades of tint available
  • Range of Recaro and Exmoor sports, comfort seating,cloth and leather
  • Cabin sound deadening systems to aid a quieter driving experience
  • Vast range of entertainment and communication systems
  • Momo steering wheel options, colour coding options
  • Sat Nav double din head unit with bespoke centre dash panels or dash top mounted Sat Nav systems
  • Range of 18 to 20″ alloy wheel/tyre combinations. BFG or Cooper
  • Range of soft back convertible options, cab only or full body
  • Two tone mohair roof and back panel styling options
  • Panoramic roof glass, sun roof options
  • All of our Defender Icon bespoke editions can be crafted from pre-owned or new Defender 90, 110 or 130 double cab and either left or right hand drive

Classic three-spoke chromed steering wheel with matching Lincoln Green leather trim

The Defender 90 is also available as 6 or 7-seater configuration

Full Lincoln Green leather interior with matching dash trim

We offer various dashboard trim options plus a wide range of audio and comms upgrades including integrated iPad mount

Melvill & Moon Safari Canvas seat covers are not only a great option for the Heritage look but are very hardwearing too

Fold-up rear seats can also be fitted with Melvill & Moon Safari Canvas covers or trimmed in Lincoln Green leather

Classic, retro and modern all in one vehicle!

The addition of a few simple chrome trim pieces can make all the difference

The simple and classic lines of the Defender will always remain iconic!

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