The Garden Tipi

A year-round outdoor experience

GARDEN TIPI creates an exciting outdoor space with the feel of the wild but with the comfort of home

We provide a varied service to supply and install TENTIPI adventure equipment for family camping, garden hideaways and leisure or camping parks. Over the years our passion for the Nordic Tipi has enabled us to give our clients ever more opportunities to enjoy these fabulous living spaces.

Our mission is to adapt this great product in a way that you or your clients can enjoy a fabulous living space in the garden or commercial camp site. If you specify one of our Tipi decks we can construct in a way that the whole structure can be slid into a new location to adhere to any site planning restrictions.

Comfort Decking Options

We are able to supply and build a flat, wooden deck onto which the tipi can be erected, giving you a solid floor to add more comfort and warmth. This option works well for garden or multi-site park setting as the entry option.  We can also provide a knock-down option with dwarf walls also clad in decking to lift the tipi by a further 600mm which dramatically increases the available floor space.

Soft Furnishings and Bedding Options
We are able to incorporate a built in queen-size bed/sofa with the Safir 9 or 15 tipi with full deck and dwarf walls if needed or you can adapt to your own requirements.
Draped muslin insect netting or privacy curtains may also be added to create a lovely cozy and homely feel.

Eldfell Wood Burner – TIPI Heater
To complete your Tipi experience it is recommended that the stainless Eldfell stove and chimney is added. Campfire wood is the ideal fuel to allow everyone to be comfortable throughout the night and even cook your evening meal and breakfast.

National Delivery & Erection Service
We have a team of dedicated staff who are able to help with delivery and construction at your home or holiday park.  Final costs and quotations will depend on location and number of Garden Tipis.

Choice of TIPI Tent sizes
The Tentipi Safir 7 has a base width of 4.5 metres, the Safir 9 is 5.3 metres wide and the largest Tentipi tent, the Safir 15, is 6 metres wide.

Please CLICK HERE visit our online TENTIPI shop for details of individual tipis and other equipment.

See us at the GLAMPING SHOW this weekend at Stoneleigh Park, Warwickshire.

Tipis can be supplied as standard tents, with canvas flooring or inner tent or we can provide suitable decking perfectly sized to accommodate the size of tipi you want. Alternatively we can supply decking plus 600mm dwarf walls to raise the tipi and increase the usable amount of floorspace.

With the dwarf deck walls there is the additional option to build in raised seating and sleeping areas with suitable storage lockers for bedding and other essentials. Seen here with the optional Eldfell stove you can have safe, round-the-clock heating and cooking facilities.

The interior of a Tipi makes the perfect year-round entertaining space that can easily accommodate 10, 12 or more adults

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