Now our clients can enjoy total individuality out there. Take your Street or Desert Fighter edition Ranger to new levels of style, comfort, performance and individuality.

After 28 years of tuning and styling some of the most iconic 4x4s around, our attention has been focused on the current crop of Ford Ranger double cab pick ups for the past two years. As we have seven years expertise working with this incredible 3.2 litre, 5-cylinder, turbo intercooled engine, carrying out fitments into Land Rover Defender Icon editions, adding bespoke fuel mapping, variable vane turbos, high-flow intercoolers and VORTEX exhaust systems, we are most definitely ready to make the most of vast opportunities to enhance this amazing truck.

Add our Performance 250 package to take your Ranger from 197BHP to 250BHP with fitment of Vortex performance flow stainless exhaust, high-flow air cleaner and bespoke fuel-map.  For mid 2017 we hope to offer high-flow intercooler fitment and vv-turbo to push the limit of performance even further, maybe a 300 BHP Street or Desert Fighter Ranger!

As you will see we now have our Performance 250 bespoke front grille and radiator cowl with the now world recognised Nene Overland billet alloy camel centre stage.

Choice of 17″ or 20″ Wild split-rim alloys on either Cooper fast road LTZ or STT pro MT tyres, both of which can sit under either slimline or extreme wheel arches finished in body or contrast colour to give our clients the ability to mix and match for look and application. MT for the mud or LTZ for the street. Desert Fighter for adventure and heavy off road work and Street Fighter for all those trips into the city.

We constantly have new, unregistered 2.2 and 3.2 Rangers in Ltd or Wildtrack Spec. Manual or automatic available for supply and conversion. Priced from £28,9995+VAT

Nene Overland EXECUTIVE pack £9995+VAT

For those who have owned those heavily depreciating executive X5s, Audis and Range Rovers, all with huge company car tax implications to go with the mass depreciation and capital costs perhaps there may be an alternative which also gives great fun and versatility. We have looked at where we can massively improve our 3.2 Wildtrak and LTD Rangers. We will start with the most highly spec. models, incorporating driver assist pack, giving heads up collision display and adaptive cruise control, automatic Transmisson and off road pack, giving rear locking differential and underbody guards plus all the usual Wildtrak or Limited refinements and our fabulous executive options.

Firstly we remove the rear leaf springs and standard shocks and add full VB air suspension with rear air bags and Indipendent trailing arms to allow your truck to glide over the bumps like a Range Rover.  We will also soften up the front end to add to a far more comfortable Range Rover like drive. Further option to add rear disc brakes.


We will strip out the whole interior, headliners, seating and carpeting to allow application of our sound deadening pads to every available surface. We use Skins sound deadening matting rather than Dynamat as it is far lighter and achieves exactly the same result.


Whilst the cabin is stripped we add our bespoke bass sound box and upgrade all the existing speakers to give you a far richer, deeper sound to match or even exceed any high end executive 4×4. All will work with existing factory radio, media and Sat Nav display.

We can work with you to tailor final specification of your sound system due to having our own sound engineer who has done nothing else but enhance high-end car audio for the past 20 plus years so you get first class advice every time from a gentleman that knows what works and what doesn’t. Remember what may work well in one type of vehicle may not in another. Make use of our expert advice. Ask our team to make an introduction to OZ the Nene sound man!


Now we can add the topping, so to speak. Our in-house interior trimmers will take the standard seats and rework the centres adding far deeper padding for more comfort and work with you to create the right look of stitch pattern, leather colour, etc to suit.

We can go further if you like. Add leather and Alcantara to the door cards, headliners, remove the dash panels and cover in retro raptor coatings to tone it down or get your look to take off. It’s all your call, our team at either Maidenhead or Peterborough will be delighted to help and advise to give you the coolest, fastest, most comfortable Ford Ranger out there. Guide prices for complete executive package may vary according to clients exacting requirements. All can be added to clients existing vehicles or built into either new or pre owned Nene Overland supplied Ranger double or extra cab pick ups.


If you are looking for a more Range Rover ride from your Ranger we can fit a full air rear suspension system. Replacing the rear leaf springs and dampers with independent trailing arms, air bags, compressor and height control kit. Now your driving experience will feel far smoother and allow your truck to glide over bumps without that firmer back end yet still give you the ability to carry that tone payload.



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