Nene overland launches Garden Tipi initiative for those wanting a Glamping experience or year-round hideaway in their own garden

Let's go Glamping!

gardent-tipi---7Nene Overland has been a fan of the TENTIPI range of tents and other accessories for many years. The benefits they offer those on overland travels or the adventurous outdoor types are huge. A Tipi gives you a great living and sleeping space for up to 15 people all surrounding the awesome Eldfell stove which provides safe heating and cooking facilities.

Anyone who has spent any time in a Tentipi will tell you that even in the middle of a Scandinavian winter, camping on the snow you’ll be toasty warm inside your tipi. And it all packs away into the boot of your car or back of your overland truck.

Now, for the first time, Nene Overland have adapted the Tipi philosophy by adding a solid decking base and optional dwarf walls to massively increase the usable floorspace inside the tent. Add to this the built-in seating/sleeping platform that also offers storage for bedding and other equipment you have a fabulous outdoor Glamping solution for your garden or holiday home.

We are also able to supply, deliver and erect multiple units for events, festivals and campsites either on permanent or short term basis. Please see our GARDEN TIPI page for more information or contact for pricing and options.

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Let’s go Glamping!

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