Nene Overland builds a very unique Defender 90 SVX LE

Probably the fastest SVX ever!

ICON-SVX-V8-SOFT-TOP---33Our mission continues to be to work with our clients to supply and build truly the most unique Defenders out there. Our journey since 1988, has given us the opportunity to take the initiative to build lots of one-off, Iconic Defenders often high-performance examples to a level far beyond anything else you’ll find.

These vehicles have often been inspiration to customers all over the world to commission our team to work with them and deliver that one-off Defender that exactly fits their lifestyle and gives them the vehicle they always dreamed of. And we can do the same for you!

Sadly, due to the end of production or the Iconic Defender, there will not be too many unused, new or vehicles with minimal mileage available. However, due to the fact that Nene Overland carries a large stock – in excess of 150 Land Rovers at any one time – we will continue to be able to supply top quality, used examples and give our clients the ideal base to create their very own Iconic Defender with the look, feel – and smell! – of new, plus a whole host of exiting enhancements such as higher performing TDCi engines, including the superb 3.2litre, 5-cylinder variant, 5.0litre and 6.4litre V8 Petrol engines. All with 4 or 5 speed automatic gearboxes with optional paddle shift. Coupled with our performance suspension and braking upgrades for both on or off road applications.

To give that smell of a brand new car we can totally rework the interior with new, leather trimmed seating, dashboard and door cards, headliners and side trims all finished in colours, stitching and designs to suit your individual taste.


Over the past 28 years we have and continued to create unique soft tops for Defender 90, 110 and even 130 models. With basic hood and stick configuration to keep costs down to full-on internal roll-over frames to give the maximum protection without affecting your driving enjoyment. A wide range of designs and mohair cover colours are available all with side windows, zip-up sides and more with tailored double headliners and matching tube covers. All of which helps give our clients superb levels of soundproofing that you wouldn’t normally expect from a soft-top while still retaining a unique style. We are the only company able to offer three different variations of full soft-tops for Defender 110s and 130s.


ICON-SVX-V8-SOFT-TOP---29We were recently commissioned to supply and build a very unique Defender SVX Le. The SVX Defender is already a very rare celebration of 60 years of Land Rover production which gave us a great opportunity to take it far beyond where Land Rover finished. The end result as we’re sure you’ll all agree, looks awesome while still retaining its original SVX identity.

We rebuilt it with our new Ford Racing 5.0 V8 delivering 435bhp as found in the current Ford Mustang GT. We then mated this to our own 5-speed automatic gearbox, chosen for pure strength to handle the extra power and torque and simple design to aid reliability. We then finished off the installation with our bespoke centre console and cubby box.

To give this SVX 90 a really sharp and responsive drive we installed our own design Icon fast road suspension with heavy duty anti roll bar and high performance Tarox 6-pot braking system. All of this combined gives the enthusiastic driver a fabulous experience normally only found in modern sports cars. We capped it all with our full leather package including sports comfort Icon seating with the addition of fold-up rear seats to enable four people to enjoy this incredible Defender Icon SVX.


If you would like something similar, whether it be left- or right-hand-drive and based on a new or pre owned Defender then please contact our sales team for further advice from the real experts in the field of unique Iconic Defenders.


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