Nene Overland now building CHASER Travel Trailers


The Nene Overland Expedition Team are very excited to announce that we are now building CHASER Travel Trailers.

Nene has always offered a range of Travel Trailers to their clients for Expeditions and Overland Trips but the new CHASER range offers a very flexible platform that can be fully customised to a customer’s requirements. From a bare chassis (EU road legal) to a fully kitted Expedition trailer with roof tent, water tanks, solar panels, full kitchen and fridge and everything you could possibly need for an extended overland trip.

The CHASER range also comes with a selection of hitch and hub options to match your towing vehicle. So if you have a Defender 90 with NATO hitch the Chaser can be built with matching towing eye and Defender Hubs so that you can use the same wheel/tyre combination on your trailer as your Land Rover has.

The Chaser has a Galvanised chassis and bodywork, LED wiring, stainless steel fittings and feature independent suspension with coilovers.

The Chaser is widely recognised as some one the best overland trailers in the world. Nene overland supplies the Chaser model with a spec-sheet that includes almost everything a hardcore off-road camping enthusiast could wish for.

The Euro Chaser is 1,270mm wide and 1,828mm long, with a total cubic capacity of 1,275 litres. In other words, it’s plenty big enough for a substantial trip away, but it’s also eminently suitable for those with less ambitious travel plans.

Can also be supplied as a flatbed trailer for transporting motorcycles and quad bikes!

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