New WILD JEEP accessories from Nene Overland


Nene Overland is continuing with its development of the WILD JEEP brand and has added two more products that were designed in-house and manufactured exclusively by us for the Jeep Wrangler and Jeep Renegade.

Nene-Wrangler-Grille---3 Nene-Wrangler-Grille---2 Nene-Wrangler-Grille---1

Wild Jeep Wrangler Grille

Manufactured from 1.5mm alloy the Wild Wrangler Grille fits all post 2007 Wranglers and both protects the radiator and intercooler from flying stones and other debris that the standard Wrangler is very exposed to and it looks absolutely fantastic. The grille is pressed from sheet alloy to give a very precise finish and the diamond pattern mesh is integral to the design rather than being stuck on afterwards. It is supplied as standard in black but can be finished with a textured RAPTOR coating in black or any colour you desire (at additional cost).

The Grille kit costs £349+VAT and comes with the necessary fixings to attach to your existing grille.

Nene-Renegade-skidplate---5 Nene-Renegade-skidplate---3 Nene-Renegade-skidplate---2

Wild Jeep Renegade Skidplate

Almost anyone can modify a Wrangler, there is no shortage of kit for it but the Renegade is another kettle of fish all together. Jeep’s ‘baby’ has been a great success in European markets but the number of people using, and abusing, them off road is limited, not least due to the lack of modifications and accessories available to give it the edge in the rough.

Nene has already managed to develop a suspension lift for the Renegade that allows the fitting of larger wheels and tyres and this latest skidplate just gives a level of extra front-end protection if you do want to tackle the rocks!

Made from a single Alloy plate the design is very substantial with the option to add a variety of front recovery eyes (pictured are simple lashing points). The skidplate does have to be fitted by Nene Overland at either of our workshops in Peterborough or Maidenhead as it requires modification that is not quite DIY level.

We think it looks great and can’t wait to see the next stage of the development where we introduce a winch-mount version.

The Renegade Skidplate costs £499+VAT and, like the Wrangler Grille, is available in plain black, RAPTOR coated and colour coded at extra cost.

Nene Overland offers a whole range of aftermarket accessories and kit for all Jeep models from the likes of AEV, JW Speaker, Lazer Lamps as well as our own custom design products see our online shop for more details.












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