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Audio, Communications and Entertainment

Like most motoring enthusiasts the team at Nene Overland can get as much enjoyment out of the sound of the engine travelling down the open road as much as anyone. However it is made much better with a great soundtrack playing too.

The days of the simple FM radio are long gone, we are now connected in myriad ways and need to stay connected, entertained and in touch no matter where we are on the planet. For many vehicles that’s easy enough, they may never stray far from civilization, they never venture off the tarmac and the vehicles were probably designed from day one with a fully integrated audio system in mind. Certainly the latest Range Rover models are not to be sniffed at with their magnificent Harmon Kardon surround-sound systems.

But what if you have a Defender? Or a Toyota Land Cruiser? Or even a restored Series Land Rover? Apart from being far from ideal for acoustics they were just never meant to be rivals for the local concert hall.

But we can help you with all of this!

Audio and Entertainment

We can fit virtually any system to any vehicle depending on your requirements but have also created a few off-the-shelf packages that we know will work well with the kind of vehicles our customers usually drive.

Our Audio Team has over 20 years experience working solely on car audio systems and can install entertainment systems that offer truly exceptional levels of music fidelity and versatility. If you need to plug in a couple of smartphones, connect a sat-nav, add an iPad and even a CD multi-changer we can do all that. You want USB ports galore, Bluetooth connectivity, hands-free operation and multi-zone output so that you can have different sounds in the front and rear? That’s all covered too.

It all starts with the acoustics and soundproofing. Trying to listen to the finer periods of La Bohème in a Defender hard-top running on BFG muds is just a fruitless exercise. Applying a decent level of soundproofing and carefully placing component speakers to maximize the sound fidelity and overcome the background road noise will have you belting out the lyrics to the fourth act like Puccini wrote it just for you!

And if you like your tunes hard and heavy we have the know-how to make you feel it in your bones rather than through the ears. Crisp, clear and as loud as is gets.

We haven’t forgetten about entertaining the kids either. Keeping them quiet in the back on a long road trip can make the whole journey a whole lot easier. It might be just a matter of adding extra 12v USB sockets in the back to charge their smartphones or iPads. It could be a fully integrated and roof-mounted DVD system that plays the film soundtrack through the rear speakers and lets you keep the radio on in the front. Whichever you think will work best for your next family outing we can help you.

See the Audio and Entertainment options in our online shop or contact us for advice.


Staying connected, particularly for those who work on the road or regularly travel for business, is an absolute must nowadays. Relying on your smartphone to keep you in touch with the office will eventually let you down as you skip between blackspots in your network’s coverage. We can install a system that will keep you connected no matter where you choose to go.

Our solutions start with a simple in-car wi-fi product that uses a mobile phone SIM card much like any ‘dongle’ but hard-wired to the vehicle so it will never run flat. Other systems take multiple SIMs so it will search the strongest signal from all the available networks and even latch onto any free wi-fi signals in the area if it can detect them. Ultimately the only way might be up! Satellite connectivity will keep you online 24/7 regardless of the ground network conditions or weather conditions! Voice, data and even VOIP are all possible as in-car fitment without taking up huge amounts of storage, it can all be hidden away and as inconspicuous as you require. Contact us for further information.

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