Dinitrol Rustproofing Treatments

Dinitrol corrosion preparation and prevention treatments

Waxoyl Dinitrol Rustproofing

Preserve your vehicle with Waxoyl or Dinitrol!

Since 1988 we have been cleaning, refurbishing and protecting vehicles which are vulnerable to corrosion. Land Rovers, Jeeps, 4X4s, vans, pickups, motorhomes and most classic cars can all be treated and we are happy to inspect, clean, repair, treat and apply either Waxoyl or Dinitrol rust prevention treatments to any vehicle that might be susceptible to corrosion.

Protection of your vehicle is very important to ensure its longevity and avoid expensive repairs later in life or even its subsequent scrappage. In the UK the use of road-salt in winter is particularly harsh so we recommend treating and preserving your vehicle every five years but owners of vehicles located near the coast or, even worse, vehicles that have been driven in the sea are particularly vulnerable and we would highly recommend carrying out rust prevention inspection and treatment more often.

Once the initial treatment has been applied we are more than happy to carry out annual inspections and touch up or re-apply the rust prevention treatments as necessary.


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Chlor-X Salt Killer

CHLOR-X Is a unique formulation for the removal of salt contamination from car bodies and underbodies as part of a regular wash routine. Removing corrosive road salt and air born contamination and acid rain. As a surface wash to remove harmfull chloride salts prior to power or blast cleaning.

Dry salt crystals cling so well to the surface of steel that the treatment has to be able to get behind the salt to lift it from the steels surface. Power washing alone cannot do this. A sample of salt contaminated steel boiled for one hour in water will only remove 90% of contaminant salt, it is this hard crystallised salt that requires a special surface product to get behind the crystal and lift it from the surface this formula achieves this at a molecular level.

Fe-123 Rust convertor

High acid rust converters have been very popular in the treatment of rust but have shown only limited success in its prevention. Fe-123 uses modern rust conversion technology contained in an eco-friendly compliant binder, containing zinc phosphate. High acid rust converters leave residual acid in the steel’s pores and this causes failure due to osmotic blistering. Often this cannot be removed by neutralising with fresh water and because of this introduces a new problem to the steelwork.

For true passivation to occur the reaction within the rust layers needs to be homogenous. Due to its high molecular weight fe-123 can attract and incorporate several iron atoms. In addition each single atom can be linked to three different molecules with fe-123.

The Result…

Fe-123 envelopes rust at a molecular level, developing into a neutral layer which exists between the steel’s surface and the atmosphere. This neutral layer prevents the migration of ions so that no chemical reaction can occur at the metal’s surface. Recent independent testing by PRACTICAL CLASSICS magazine (April 2011) proved that fe-123 not only converted the rust but also left a foundation that could be painted over without neutralising and came BEST IN TEST scoring ten out of a possiible ten ponts. If you would like a copy of the report you can down load from the top of this page. It was also awarded best in test by CLASSICS MONTHLY in their 2011 long term test results.

Where we use fe-123…

We inject fe-123 into hidden cavities, prior to injecting a cavity rust proofing wax, on rusted steel and components, on moving parts, nuts, bolts, drive shafts, UJs, leaf springs, on all exposed steel in aggressive environments.


Crevice corrosion will form where the passive layer inside the crevice or seam can no longer regenerate due to insufficient oxygen within the crevice or seam this could be due to dirt or other contaminants blocking the seam or crevice, the area trapped within the seam will become more anodic (less noble) than the surrounding surface steel. Rust formation will occur as soon as humidity comes into play with the rust working its way out of the gap in the crevice. This type of rust formation can be up to 400 times faster than that of surface steel due to the lack of oxygen but presence of humidity. These areas can be successfully treated with Fe-123 even within hidden cavities the product can be injected into the seams the hygroscopic action of Fe-123 will allow it to penetrate the damp substrate and seal the rust within the crevice. If the problem area is an exposed crevice or back to back angle then as much as possible the area can be cleaned out and the Fe-123 injected into the crevice. Fe-123 can be used to treat crevice corrosion in back to back angles, seams, vehicle chassis and any area of crevice corrosion.


Dinitrol 4941 – Chassis and underside of vehicle.

The original wax underbody coating. Over 30 years ago the British MOD made a request to the then Dinol company of Sweden that any rust preventing underbody coating would need to protect a vehicle that was driven off a landing craft through 1.5m of salt water and as a result came up with this formula known as 4941Dinitrol Classic 4941 Black wax can be spray or brush applied. Dinitrol classic 4941 Black is still in a class of its own. Dinitrol classic Black under body wax is a consistent winner of PRACTICAL CLASSICS magazine ‘BEST IN TEST’ awards.

Dinitrol 3125 – Cavities and doors

Classic Formulation 3125 has long been the favourite of Classic Car restorers. Classic 3125 is a Honey Brown liquid wax that penetrates deep into the seams of hidden cavities and is used where there is a likelihood that rust already exists. Its active rust preventing ingredients are able to counteract the rusting process and set as a moisture barrier. Classic Formulation 3125 is a PRACTICAL CLASSICS magazine tested ‘BEST IN TEST’ product.

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