Specialist Military, Defence Force and Aid Agency Vehicles

Military vehicles is a specialism that not many can cater for. Not only do we supply vehicles for Defence Forces around the world we also cater for aid agencies and other organisations needing civilian versions.


Armoured Cars

We have been working closely with special lightweight amouring materials to give B7 armouring to Defender 110 and 130 extra long wheel base station wagons configured in left or right hand drive with fast response upgrades to give high-speed on road and off road performance. Luxury rear cabin with directors chairs and two jump seats or up to 9 personnel seating option. Full limousine experience with high-spec Icon surround sounds, communications, wi-fi and full media capability.

Choice of fast road/off road handling set ups and hi performance 3.2 TDci turbo diesel or 5.0 petrol V8 power, 270-412bhp. Our Icon armouring will add only 600kg to the dry weight of standard Defender 110 station wagon. Basic specification, lightweight armouring options also available.

Our blend of long term testing and development of specialist suspension systems and high-power drivetrains built into stunning, luxurious cabin environments and fabulous Defender Icon exterior sports wagon styling offers our clients protection, comfort, style and fast road performance to suit all world situations, Guide Price £90,000-£180,000 global supply network.

Armour Specification

  • (357) Magnum (full metal jacket, coned bullet, or soft core), 10.2 g, 425 m/s /1450 fps.
  • (9mm) Luger (full metal jacket, round nose or soft core), 8 g., 400 ms / 1250 fps.
  • (44 Magnum) (Full metal jacket, flat nose, or soft core), 15.6 g, 440 m/s / 1510 fps.
  • (AK-47) 7.62 X 39mm, 145 gr., 700mps / 2,430 fps
  • (AK-47) 7.62 X 39mm, 123 gr., 750 mps / 2,697 fps
  • (223) Caliber, 45 gr., 919 mps / 3,200 fps
  • (308) 7.62 x 51mm (full metal jacket – copper, pointed bullet), 9.8 g, 820 m/s.
  • (308) 7.62x51mm M80 (full metal jacket – steel, pointed bullet, or soft core), 9.5 g, 2,700 fps 830

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