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Welcome to the Nene Overland Service Department. Since 1988 we have endeavoured to give the customer the highest standards of service and aftersales care. Our service department predominantly covers Land Rovers, Jeeps, Volvo and Toyotas but we can, obviously, service all makes and models of vehicle.

For all routine servicing, following the manufacturer’s schedule, we will give a fixed price for everything from the regular oil change right up to the more involved 72,000-mile service. We will quote for all jobs on request so you always know what the total costs will be upfront.

Serving the East Midlands and East Anglia including Cambridgeshire  leicestershire, northamptonshire and Lincolnshire. We are just a short drive from Cambridge, Leicester, Northampton, Bedford and Grantham. We can provide a courtesy car or drop you off at Peterborough Rail Station.

Contact: Phil Walker
Service Manager
Tel: 01733 380 687

Manufacturer’s Warranty Unaffected

You can benefit from cheaper servicing costs with Nene Overland even if your vehicle is still under the manufacturer’s warranty. As long as we use genuine manufacturer’s parts, the correct lubricants and that the vehicle is serviced on or before the specified mileage or time period a Nene Overland service stamp will be recorded in your service booklet and your manufacturer’s warranty will remain intact.

Loan Cars – Vehicle Recovery – Customer Collection

We have courtesy vehicles available to make servicing your vehicle so much more convenient. Please book your service approximately 10-14 days in advance to guarantee that a loan car is available. We have a range of courtesy cars to cater for, individuals, families and commercial users who need to make sure they are not inconvenienced while having their vehicle serviced. And if you need to tow a trailer or caravan we will always provide you with a loan vehicle with a tow bar fitted if required (please let us know in advances).

You will get more flexibility with Nene Overland Service!

For local customers we can collect you or your vehicle from home, office or the train station. Or you can drop it in and we’ll take you to wherever you need to go. If your vehicle is unable to be driven, then we can recover it. Only Nene Overland offers a one stop shop to cover all eventualities and make your day stress free.

And if you prefer to wait . . .

If you prefer to wait while we service your vehicle we’ll do our very best to make you as comfortable as possible. We have FREE wi-fi, a never ending supply of coffee and tea and plenty of comfy chairs. You can relax in front of the TV or use your laptop on and catch up on some work knowing that your vehicle is receiving some TLC and made ready for the next day’s outing.

You always receive a friendly welcome while visiting Nene Overland, and will always benefit from a sincere, honest appraisal of your vehicle’s condition, getting the correct advice to make the best decision for you and your pocket.


We are able to top up your vehicle’s AdBlue either while you wait or as part of your routine servicing. Click here for more details


1 Service
Unbeatable quality, reassurance and expertise.

2 We will always offer you alternative transport solutions
You shouldn’t need to be without a car when yours is in for service. We always offer alternative transport solutions.

3 Vehicle health check with focus on safety
We conduct a comprehensive health check that ensures all safety systems function correctly.

4 We will always wash your car
We will wash your vehicle for you every time you bring it in for service at our workshops.

5 You will get a dedicated staff contact
You will always get your own personal service contact who is a specially trained Service Advisor.

6 While you wait or take a car
We have very comfortable waiting areas with free wi-fi and coffee available or we can arrange a courtesy car.

7 No hidden charges
We have no hidden charges, we will keep in touch and every charge will be itemised on your bill.

8 The Customer
We will always ask your permission to carry out any additional work required.

9 Customer satisfaction
We undertake ongoing monitoring of our customer satisfaction to continually improve our service for you.

10 Environmental responsibility
We are committed to dispose of all non-biodegradable materials from your vehicle in a responsible manner.

Waxoyl-Rustproofing-banner-2If you are booking your vehicle in with us for a service why not get it fully and professionally rustproofed at the same time. Our state of the art Waxoyl facility will preserve your vehicle and add to its resale value. Please enquire or click here to see our Rustproofing page.

CASE STUDY: Mrs M brought her 3 year old Range Rover Evoque into our Maidenhead branch for a routine service and its first MOT.

The service we received was fabulous. I dropped the Evoque off then took a stroll into Maidenhead to do a bit of shopping. When I got back it was all ready, as promised, sand they even gave it a clean for me. It looked like brand new!

CASE STUDY: Mr D brought his Defender Heritage in to us for a 72,000 mile service, having previously letting us add a few upgrades.

The Service guys at Peterborough are always helpful. Sometimes I just wait while it’s being done and make use of the free wifi and coffee. This time I borrowed a loan car instead. No fuss, no hassle. All pre-booked and great serve all round!

CASE STUDY: Mr H had a newish Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT that he had a couple of issues with. His dealer couldn’t help so he brought it to Maidenhead

I just love the Jeep SRT, it absolutely flies, but there were a couple of niggles and was due for a service so I took it to the guys at Nene in Maidenhead. Just dropped it off before work, got the train into work then picked it up later. All fixed!

CASE STUDY: Mrs C brought her 4 year old Range Rover Vogue into our Peterborough branch for a routine service.

We felt like we were getting taken for a ride at our main dealer, we never had a service for less than £1,000! Nene Overland were able to carry out a full service and even gave it a valet too. Very impressed. Even the Mini we had as a courtesy car was fab to drive!

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