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Adventure Trailers – CHASER

Galvanised chassis and bodywork, LED wiring, stainless steel fittings, various hitch options, hitch heights and hub patterns to suit the towing vehicle. All Adventure Trailers feature independent suspension with coilovers.

Adventure Trailers are widely recognised as some of the best overland trailers in the world. Nene overland supplies the Chaser model with a spec-sheet that includes almost everything a hardcore off-road camping enthusiast could wish for.

The Euro Chaser is 1,270mm wide and 1,828mm long, with a total cubic capacity of 1,275 litres. In other words, it’s plenty big enough for a substantial trip away, but it’s also eminently suitable for those with less ambitious travel plans.

Can also be supplied as a flatbed trailer for transporting motorcycles and quad bikes.






The Chaser Adventure Trailer is assembled in the UK, and makes use of the best components available. That means you will get Fox Shox shock absorbers to complement Eibach springs, while the chassis is built by Bradley Trailer Technology – otherwise known as the owner of Dixon Bate.

The Chaser trailer has a very low centre of gravity even with a roof tent mounted atop so will behave itself when being towed, even in very arduous conditions. When the lid is closed it not only keeps everything dry and dust free but safe and secure too.

The Chaser features a proprietary Trailing Arm Air Suspension System. Developed over 10 years and countless miles in various terrains. This suspension is adjustable for varying loads, supple and compliant over brutal corrugations and technical terrain yet with excellent highway speed manners. The suspension soaks up the terrain and road so well you will hardly notice that you are towing a trailer. Adjusting the suspension for varying loads is easily accomplished with a small compressor, a manual bicycle pump or at any garage forecourt.

These are quality pieces of equipment, therefore, which promise to offer many years of reliable service.

All Chaser trailers are customisable to the clients exact needs. You can select which options are most practical and the modular design allows for further modifications later if required.


  • 1,270mm wide and 1,828mm long
  • Capacity of 1,275 litres
  • Trailing Arm Air Suspension
  • Heavy duty galvanised chassis
  • 14 gauge steel laser cut and formed trailer body, powder coated plus corrosion protection
  • Stainless steel hinges and latches throughout
  • Gas strut assisted cargo lid
  • Interior cargo tie down points
  • Cargo floor rubber mat
  • LED lighting and reflectors
  • Choice of Hitch (standard ball, eye or NATO type)
  • Choice of Hub to match towing Vehicle (Land Rover, Jeep, Toyota)

COMMON OPTIONS: (please enquire as many more options are available)

  • Roof Bars
  • Roof Rack system with aircraft grade adjustable track. Compatible with accessories made by most major manufacturers. A required item if choosing to add a roof top tent.
  • Roof top tents of various sizes to sleep from 2 to 4 persons comfortably (lid can still be raised with tent deployed – but probably not while people are still asleep!)
  • An optional 2 way fridge can be installed inside the main cargo box, mounted on a locking plate to hold securely in place. Traveling with the fridge inside the main box protects it from the harsh off road environment outside.
  • Water Tank with or without water Seagull Marine purifyer and tap
  • Jerry Can Holders for fuel or additional water.
  • Side protection bars
  • A large nose box can be fitted at the front of the hitch and is typically used to house deep cycle batteries, battery chargers, solar controllers, inverters, 12 volt outlets, or just extra storage.
  • Swing-away spare tyre carrier
  • 12 volt power systems, 110/120 volt shore charging, solar charging


CUSTOM OPTIONS:We understand that our clients may have specific equipment and performance requirements that may not be found on our standard options menu. If you do not find what you are looking for, simply ask. We provide complete design and multi-discipline fabrication services at our facility. Take a look at our galleries to see samples of our work.

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