Vehicle Trim and Soundproofing

Are you sitting comfortably?


Vehicle Trim and Soundproofing

We are going to make a bit of a presumption that as you’re looking at our website you are probably a fan of vehicles that can sometimes be an acquired taste? If you wanted something normal, comfortable and quiet you’d be looking at, right?!

However just because you like your vehicles looking purposeful and spirited doesn’t mean you have to endure the harshness they often come with. You CAN have an off road truck that is also comfortable for long journeys and quiet enough to have a conversation with your passengers without shouting.

Fitting new seats, soundproofing the bulkhead and headlining, renewing the door cards and even just fitting new custom mats can have your vehicle feeling like new again.

Nene Overland have been refurbishing vehicles for many years, particularly those at the utility end of the spectrum, so we know a thing or two about making a civilized family car out of a truck.

We carry the full range of seats from Exmoor Trim as well as a huge range of seat covers – including he legendary Melvill & Moon canvas covers. We can also turn your hardtop into a convertible for the summer. Please contact us for advice.

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