Gearbox conversions

Changing the gearing on a vehicle is often an overlooked modification when it comes to improving the performance and driveability of a Land Rover Defender. Years ago you were limited to fitting an overdrive – which we can still do, even to the latest Defenders! – but now there is much more choice.

Some people may just need to overcome the hard work that that a heavy clutch pedal requires. We can fit systems with better servo-assistance to make the clutch much easier to operate or we could fit an automatic gearbox.

Not all autos are the same, there’s no point trying to mate a 30-year-old gearbox design to a modern engine. We only use gearboxes that are up to the job. And we don’t just replace the ‘box, how it looks inside the vehicle is just as important. The gear-shifter needs to be easy to operate, conveniently located and aesthetically fits with the rest of the interior and trim. We look after all of this and the end result gives as factory-fresh a look as possible.


If you’re going to be propelling a two-ton vehicle along the road you’re going to want to be confident that it can stop too. Bigger discs, heavier duty calipers and better quality pads all help, as do the brake lines themselves. Like everything else we do it is the mix of components that give the best result. We can install a system that not only works on the track but also won’t be bothered by you driving off-road or through the mucky stuff, not all ‘performance’ brake packages will react kindly to being driven through a river! Ask us for advice.


Improving a vehicle’s performance isn’t just a matter of getting more power from the engine, how it handles on the road and how it reacts in a tight bend when you try to use that power is just as important. We have spent many years researching and building the ultimate handling systems for Land Rover Defenders. You can be confident that you won’t go into a bend testing the legendary 45° tip-over angle, our suspension packages will keep you on the level and smooth out even the harshest of rough road surfaces. Ask us for advice.

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