Waxoyl Rustproofing

Waxoyl corrosion preparation and prevention treatments

Waxoyl Dinitrol Rustproofing

Preserve your vehicle with Waxoyl!

Since 1988 we have been cleaning, refurbishing and protecting vehicles which are vulnerable to corrosion. Land Rovers, Jeeps, 4X4s, vans, pickups, motorhomes and most classic cars can all be treated and we are happy to inspect, clean, repair, treat and apply Waxoyl rust prevention treatments to any vehicle that might be susceptible to corrosion.

Protection of your vehicle is very important to ensure its longevity and avoid expensive repairs later in life or even its subsequent scrappage. In the UK the use of road-salt in winter is particularly harsh so we recommend treating and preserving your vehicle every five years but owners of vehicles located near the coast or, even worse, vehicles that have been driven in the sea are particularly vulnerable and we would highly recommend carrying out rust prevention inspection and treatment more often.

Once the initial treatment has been applied we are more than happy to carry out annual inspections and touch up or re-apply the rust prevention treatments as necessary.

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All-round rustproofing treatment

  • Kills old rust and prevents new rust
  • Forms a flexible weatherproof skin
  • Apply to the insides of doors, behind sills and chassis and anywhere that water is likely to collect
  • Available with a range of applicators
  • Available in Aerosol, Schutz, Refill Can & Pressure Can
  • Colours – Black and Clear.

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