Top 10 Accessories for Expedition Defenders

Posted by Nene Overland 02/06/2016 0 Comment(s)

Our top 10 Must Haves for any new Land Rover Defender buyer.

It is a certain fact of life that no Defender ever stays ‘standard’. Some owners start to modify their trucks on day one and create a whole new beast in a very short time. Others take their time and choose a few select mods and add new toys over the years as their needs and requirements develop.


We’ve put together a Top 10 Overland list of accessories that new Defender owners ask for and fit to their vehicle when they’re planning a trip abroad. All can be fitted at our workshops in Peterborough and Maidenhead or supplied and delivered direct to you for DIY fitting.


Obviously if you are planning an extended overland excursion then it would be worth speaking to us to go through the options with you in a little more detail. Our staff have many years of experience and nearly all have been out there and travelled themselves so they know what works and what doesn’t.


1 Hannibal Roof rack


2 Hannibal Roof tent


3 Hannibal Awning


4 Lazer Lamps


5 Melvil & Moon Seat covers


6 Hi Lift Jack


7 Safari Snorkel


8 Hannibal Wolf Boxes


9 TRED Recovery Tracks


10 WARN Winch


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