Why not turn your imagination into reality. Drive a NeneBuilt Falcon soft top, drive your friends and family in your very own one of a kind Land Rover Defender created by you and crafted by us.  Enjoy this film that really says it all. The culmination in 34 years of crafting thee most individual Land Rover Defenders out there. Our back catalogue of previously built and supplied LR 90 and 110 soft tops continues to surpass any others.  This one, of course has it all, the pinnacle of design, engineering and creativity. Our 5.3 GM powered V8 petrol with 6 speed manual drivetrain, a total body, interior and frame paint finish in LR Grassmere green pearl metallic with contrasting marine teak deck flooring and saddle leather classic comfort retro Defender seating for 6 riders, all rapped in our own hi quality mohair removable soft top hood.

Please enquire as we look forwards to giving help and advise whether it be the simplest needs or the most creative highly engineered Defender ever to tread those beaches, back roads or mountain passes. Builds for LR 90, 110 3 and 5 door station wagon variants including all LR factory diesels including automatic transmissions, a range of 5  V8 petrol manual and automatic variants from 355 to 650 BHP. All available in left or right hand drive either from our large inventory of quality pre owned stock or specially sourced for you. Storage and worldwide shipping is a regular convenience available to further look after your Falcon soft top Defender.

A DEFENDER FOR YOUR WORLD - where ever that maybe.

Our focus, as ever is to embrace our clients whether in the local county or far flung corners of the globe. Our promise is to work with you to deliver a unique to you LR Defender whilst bring together all design, supply and build needs through to those all important final checks and test before hand over or shipping out to join you.

We specialise in liasing with overseas clients to meet timelines and smooth out transit to your door step.  Later model LR Defenders or plus 25 year old refurbished and rebuilt for the American customers always a pleasure. What is thee most important thing is they all leave us dead right ready to embrace beach, city or country estate lifestyle. Come rain or shine enjoy the ride in a NeneBuilt LR Defender.

Worldwide shipping, loading, local transportation & storage

LR DEFENDER FALCON SOFT TOP - editions as individual as you are.

We can give you seating for up to 7 in a short wheel base D90 and up to 10 in the long wheel base D110. For the D130 further special builds can accommodate up to 14 including the driver with bespoke specialist frames and canopies built and fabricated for extra long wheel base 130 beach comers or game viewers. Our most popular Falcon editions tend to be the D90 and 110 editions to accommodate parties of 4 to 10 people.  Various options of canvas or hi grade mohair hoods, with or without side windows, traditional classic rope hook or the cleaner looking tenex fasteners with roll up zip sides remain the most popular solution giving a tighter cleaner looking fit.

We have onsite trimmers who can custom make a hood just for you.

ENGINEER your FALCON SOFT TOP - automatic shift, diesel or V8 performance

The heritage of a NeneBuilt Defender rests on 33 years tasking ourselves to take the iconic Land Rover Defender and make it so much better. Over the years we have always been at the forefront of design and development, priding ourselves on being able to offer a wider choice of solutions than any other, all built in house at our Peterborough facility in Cambridgeshire. We currently offer 5 diesel and 5 V8 petrol solutions all in manual or automatic gear shift configurations so there will be a great combination just right for you.  We offer 3 suspension solutions to suit smooth air ride adjustable height, off road, overland and fast road comfort suspension, all tried, tested and developed by the Neneteam over many, many years.  As we are true enthusiasts we continue to take our LR Defenders on many missions around the globe, on or off the pavement just to follow our own passion and make sure a NeneBuilt Defender is designed and built just right for you.

AVAILABLE LR DEFENDER STOCK - ready for you to make one your own.

Please check out our current Land Rover Defender 90, 110 and 130 inventory today. Just click below to take you there so you to can start your journey. We are just standing by to work with you and mix our passion and experience to make it yours.

We generally have at least 60 clean, hi quality pre owned LR Defenders in-stock with access to so, so many more should we need to work with you to have the perfect start for your NeneBuilt Falcon soft top Defender. Please enquire today for the best advise by far. We look forwards to getting to know you soon.

CURRENT SOLD - Defender Falcon soft top builds in production

5 door right hand drive 2014 110 station wagon build for the Bahamas, to include Grassmere green colour change, mohair hood, 5.3 V8 install, marine teak floor, body colour dash & sand canvas seating for 10 riders.

5 door right hand drive 1997 110 station wagon build for the Bahamas, full rebuild including new chassis, reconditioned drive train, axles and running gear. To be finished in two tone satin silver, alpine white body with grey mohair hood, further bikini hood and fully removable frame.

3 door 2013 110 2.2TDci hard top finished in Keswick green with body colour soft top frame, marine teak deck floor and sand mohair hood. Matching wheel rims in body colour Keswick green and heritage grille.

3 door 2009  90 2.4TDci 4 seat station wagon in LR Caledonian blue with the addition of body colour wheel rims, frame and classic retro heritage grille with sand canvas mohair hood and HD wheel carrier.

3 door 2004 90 TD5 6 seat station wagon being fully rebuilt with new galvanised chassis, rebuilt and reconditioned running gear being re-finished in Oxford blue metallic with contrasting black mohair hood.

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