Land Rover Defender 6.2 LS V8 Conversion


Land Rover Defender 6.2 LS V8 Conversion

Defender on the outside. Corvette underneath.


AFTER a huge investment in research and development, we are delighted to be able to offer this amazing engine and gearbox package for fitment into the Land Rover Defender. Nene Overland is now totally committed to offering the first correct and complete conversion solution to upgrade your Puma Defender to the ultimate in low down power delivery of a Chevrolet LS 6.2 V8 with super smooth gear changes via the 6-speed 6L80 automatic gearbox, available for both left and right hand drive vehicles.

Complete self-fit packages available – everything you’ll need to get your Defender running on eight throbbing cylinders (specialist trade convertor supply only).


Land Rover owners can transform their vehicle into a truly wild V8 Defender by bringing in their existing vehicle for conversion or letting us find the perfect Defender and installing the LS V8 for them. Our years of experience in tuning has yielded the highest-ever performance levels from a Defender. Our technical abilities along with attention to each and every detail, has seen us develop cutting-edge components that are technically innovative and ultimately faster and stronger than the competition. The Nene Overland Wild Defender programme replaces the stock diesel engine and gearbox, with a GM derived 6.2L petrol V8 and 6 speed automatic gearbox providing 430bhp and more than 540 NM of Torque at 4,700 RPM. Additional power upgrades are available for power increases, providing over 550bhp.


Thanks to our longstanding experience installing all manner of diesel and petrol engines since the late 1980s, and our ability to understand and overcome some of the immense electrical and engineering challenges, we are confident that the inventory of parts – unique to Nene Overland – will enable remote specialist installers to carry out fitment worldwide without the need for any chassis welding or fabrication of one off brackets.

You will retain existing Land Rover Defender front and rear prop shafts, allowing the engine to fit at a far more natural, shallow angle rather than the excessive pitch of the engine offered by some other companies, which results in exaggerated stress to front prop shaft and unacceptable vibration at higher road speeds.

Nene Overland’s own unique heavy duty engine mounts simply bolt into place and are of a design that will give long life in the field to withstand the huge stress, power and torque produced by the 6.2 V8 LS and extreme potential engine shift from high speed cornering, braking and off road clatter.

A stainless steel exhaust system has been developed in-house at Nene Overland, again to enable simple fitment and long term reliability providing great performance with some V8 attitude without unacceptable droning while on long motorway drives. Further, bespoke twin pipe, quad pipe or side exit exhausts can also be offered to special order.

We have developed a correct, full width, deep core, alloy cooling radiator with full size, twin electric cooling fans and alloy ducting that has top and bottom inlet and outlets in the correct place to allow coolant to flow through the whole radiator core. This provides maximum cooling while in heavy city traffic or out in extreme hot climates whilst pushing the vehicle hard, off or on road.

We have spent many months developing a totally unique Dash-Driver ECU which is simply plugged into the vehicle, eliminating the need to spend a huge amount of time trying – and failing – to hardwire all the Defender dashboard functions.

The Driver ECU ensures that all the original Defender dash warning lights work and, most importantly, the temperature gauge actually reads correctly rather than only ever showing ‘normal’. The Land Rover factory-fitted alarm and immobiliser also works as intended. This might all sound straightforward, but if you speak to other installers other than Nene Overland, please ask them if they can match this functionality and note their vague response.

A bespoke wiring harness will also be provided as part of the kit that is made to exactly fit your Defender, automatic gearbox and engine installation in a tidy, OEM standard way. This ensures that should you ever need to investigate electrical issues with your vehicle in years to come you will not be stumped by the jumble of wires that we’ve seen on some other vehicles built by so-called ‘specialists’.


  • Dash driver to allow correct monitoring of engine temperature, oil pressure and Land Rover factory alarm. (Exclusive to Nene Overland)
  • Bespoke wiring loom, links gearbox ECU, engine ECU and plugs into existing Defender electrics
  • Chevrolet LS430 engine, starter motor, flex plate, alternator, drive belts, PAS pump. (Higher power options in development)
  • 6L80 6-speed auto gearbox
  • Manual gear-shifter with tiptronic up/down Manual shift
  • 6L80E cast-alloy adaptor to LT230 Defender transfer box
  • High-flow alloy, hot climate, cooling radiator with twin electric fans and alloy air ducting
  • Alloy coolant water header tank with low level alarm
  • Bespoke top and bottom coolant hose and heater hoses
  • Dedicated kit for left or right hand drive 2.2TDCi or 2.4TDci Defender 90 and 110
  • Bespoke air conditioning hose kit
  • Bespoke centre dash panel and cubby box – cup holders
  • Optional leather trimmed centre console with drop in iPad mount
  • High pressure fuel pump plus fuel lines to connect to Defender
  • Gearbox and transfer box to retain existing Defender prop shafts.
  • Bespoke air cleaner lid with standard Defender filter, option for high flow filter or bespoke intake
  • Bespoke heavy duty engine mounts
  • Stainless sports exhaust system with single outlet tailpipe, UK emissions tested
  • Optional twin, quad or side exit tailpipe upgrades
  • Fitting instruction manual and technical phone help if needed
  • Bolts, connectors to carry out installation (itemised list)
  • Compete kit packed and crated for air freight

KIT PRICE £26,995 +VAT  (plus shipping)

FITTED PRICE at Nene Overland £34,995+vat

( price includes retention of removed core units )

ADDITIONAL BUILT IN SECURITY in all our installs free of charge.

  • Hidden engine run/immobiliser security switch
  • Unique to Nene Puma alarm module relocation loom to stop those thieves from accessing your Defender alarm in the night. We will relocate it to different area in your Defender engine bay to stop those toe rags getting to it thus keeping your prized Defender safe from theft.



  • Rear 24 spline half shaft, drive flange and HD limited slip differential. £1495 +VAT 
  • Centre heavy duty limited slip differential plus fully rebuild front axle drive line incorporating front HD limited slip differential, HD CV joints, drive flanges and half shafts including rear axle option above. The full package £5,876 +VAT

RIVOLVE  FAST ROAD BRAKE KIT including fit and test.

  • Front race grooved extreme 360mm brake rotors with Rivolve 8 pot calipers finished in race red, optional bespoke colours available.
  • Rear race, drilled rotors with extreme 4 pot Rivolve calipers and pads £4,280 +VAT 

Auto Gearbox

We offer several different solutions for Auto Gearbox conversions from the touch-pad detailed above to the more traditional automatic gear selector below. Both with or without additional paddle-shift. Please talk to our specialist performance team for further details


Click the above image to read the article from LRO magazine about one of our 6.2 litre V8 Defenders!

Please be aware that any tuning upgrade or modification may invalidate your Manufacturers’ Warranty. We are happy to aid and advise on this. If in doubt it would be wise to consult with us prior to approaching your local dealer if warranty support is likely to be required.

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